Fancy a Dotcom Date ?

It’s tough being single and asking someone for a date. What if they say no, what if you find out later that you don’t like the same things. The terrifying world of dating has got much easier since the internet took off. Dotcom dating is much gentler on your feelings when you’re looking for love. No more wondering if that person you see on the bus you fancy is single, waiting 6 months to pluck up the courage to talk to them, and then finding out they’re happily married with 2 kids and about to emigrate.

Online dating is a huge phenomenon that has grown faster than any other sector since the internet began. Dotcom daters simply register at an online dating website and search for other singles in their area. Most of the dating sites offer free registration and you can then browse through the personal ads which usually contain photos and a profile of the person, including their likes and dislikes, favourite music and films etc. Some sites also have video profiles and real time online chat so you can start talking with someone you like immediately – a dotcommunication. It’s a much more relaxed way of meeting someone, especially knowing that they are on the website looking for a relationship just like you. As in the real world, prepare yourself for rejection though – just because you fancy them they may not necessarily fancy you back and won’t always respond to your message. Never worry though, with many websites having millions of members you will surely find many other users in your area that you want to contact or who may make contact with you. Plus of course with online dating it’s easier to be rejected in the comfort of your own home with a cup of coffee by your side than waiting for the number 14 bus on a wet and windy day.

It’s easy to become a dotcom dater, and remember the more information you upload about yourself then the greater chance you have of finding the person of your dreams. Always be honest in your profile, you don’t want any dotcomplications if you do go on a date and those little lies you told come back to haunt you. Also remember to remain safe if you to meet up with someone for the first time until you get to know them better, and make sure you’ve told a friend or family member where you are going.

Dotcom dating is a whole lot of fun, and a fantastic way to meet people. If you’re single and any age, whether looking for companionship, a long term relationship, or just a fun time with like minded people you’re sure to find exactly what you want when you look for love online. Ask someone to go on a dotcom date with you and they just might say yes.