Health & Safety – Even on a Date !

You’ve met someone online, you’ve chatted to each other and seen photographs, and now it’s time for that all important first date. Here are a few tips about staying safe.

Finding love on the internet should be fun, but you need to remember a few things before you rush into things. Get to know someone first before you start giving them too much personal information – you wouldn’t just give out your telephone number and address to someone you met on the street so act the same on the internet. Make sure that what they tell you about themselves ‘feels’ right. We can all get heady in love but keep your wits about you and don’t rush into anything that you may regret later, especially if your internal warning bells start ringing.

Many dating sites allow you to choose a name, but again take time to think about how you want to portray yourself. A sexy sounding username might well attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex but it can also lead to the type of attention you don’t want as well, so be careful about what name you choose when you register at an online dating site.

Trust your instinct when communicating with someone – if it doesn’t feel right or they’re pushing you for personal information too soon that’s the time to start cooling things down a little until you get to know them better. Protecting your identity shouldn’t include posting a false image or photograph of yourself though. Misleading descriptions in your online profile can result in ending a possible relationship before it even begins – you can be honest about yourself without revealing your address.

The whole purpose of joining a dating site was to find love and  meet that special person so ultimately you will arrange to meet someone face to face. When you do decide to meet your dream date in person for the first time, then make sure your first meeting is in a safe place. It’s an exciting prospect to be meeting up with someone who shares your interests but don’t get too excited that you end up drinking too much and making a fool of yourself, or get taken advantage of. Let a friend or family member know who you’ll be with and where you’re meeting your date.