To Pay or Not To Pay – That is the Question

There are now a huge choice of online internet dating websites to choose from. Some charge for membership, often with free registration to sample the features, and others claim to be completely free. In the world of internet dating, as in much of life, very little is free and whilst it may look great when you find a free site, it may not live up to expectations.

Free sites generally don’t have the full features offered by paid sites, such as online chat or instant messaging, video uploads, and they may only allow limited photographs etc. The cost of maintaining such a site may also rely on excessive advertising within the profiles or there may be popup adverts as you browse which can become annoying.
Another major consideration is that very often a free site will have many outdated members who simply registered because it was free and due to it’s lack of facilities have moved on elsewhere – normally to a more feature filled paid site.

Paid dating sites, by their nature, will invariably have more active members – if you’re a member paying a subscription you want to get your money’s worth, and profiles are generally more in depth and members are more active. There’s nothing worse than thinking you may have found ‘the one’ only to realise they haven’t logged in for the last 18 months.

Basic membership of Dotcom Dating is completely free and we don’t ask for credit card details unless you wish to upgrade. Standard membership allows you instant access to browse or search for members in your area. You can also upload photos and complete your own online dating profile so that other members can contact you.

Once you’ve tested the site there’s no obligation to upgrade, but we’re sure you’ll want to take advantage of the extra features included in full membership such as private messages, advanced searching by postcode, plus you can write your own online dating diary, send gifts to other members and receive mobile love alerts.
Full membership also offers much more to make your visit to the site more enjoyable. Complete an online personality profile and your responses will be used to highlight your unique personality characteristics, giving you an idea of the sort of person you are, both as an individual and in relation to others.

There is also a daily horoscope and a birth date report for members to find out what the future holds for them in all aspects of their personal life – romance, ambition, travel and more.
Test drive the site now by registering online for free – you’re sure to have a good time and you’ll never know if your soulmate is online right now waiting for you to contact them unless you register.

If you want to upgrade at any time in the future it’s very simple to do and we offer numerous ways to pay …. the choice is yours – it’s free until you decide you want more.